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What exactly do I do?

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Recently, I’ve been thinking about how I use my time, and whether that use is efficient or not. Shocking, I know. I suppose most people consider this idea, criticizing theirselves for not making the most of each precious hour.

When you consider the minutes that aren’t really spent on anything, or that are spent on meaningless or negative activities, it really encourages you to make an effort to use those minutes for something positive. In my meditation recently, I have really begun to notice just how long ten minutes can actually be. If I spend those ten minutes distracting myself, they will fly by unnoticed and likely unused. But if I set an intention and focus on that for ten minutes, I can accomplish a great deal.

My plan for the next week is to simply keep track of my time, how it is spent, and what I do throughout each day. This is all I am expecting for the first week, though I imagine even this process will start changing some of my negative habits.

I also will try to dwell less on negative thoughts, which I think occupies a lot of my time and energy.

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