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Allow me to introduce you to Armen Firman. The first thing you should know is that no one knows if he is a real person or not. I feel that I can really relate to him on this level. He either inspired, or quite possibly was, Abbas Ibn Firnas, an accomplished polymath of his time, being an aviator, inventor, physician, engineer, poet, musician, and possibly a man with a fantastic nickname.

I appreciate the idea of a polymath, one who tries to excel in many things. I am young and want to explore the world as best as I can. Meeting people is one of the greatest things, as is learning new things and becoming a better person.

Ideally, this can be used as a resource for me and others to express and learn about a vast array of subjects and experiences. Please comment with information, thoughts, or incredibly harsh criticisms.


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  1. Some of the best things we get to do as humans cannot happen alone.


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