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Today is my eighth consecutive day of waking at 4:00 am. I feel great about it.
Though I have been waking at 4 for a while, this is the longest streak of days waking at this time.

It actually doesn’t take as much discipline as I initially imagined. It is simply about doing it. Most people have an idea that they want to getup earlier in the mornings, that they “wish the could.” Well, they can. They simply don’t.

I believe there are two main reasons for this.

The first is sleep. People love sleep. I don’t blame anyone for that. Sleep is a beautiful creation, and it is exceptionally beautiful when you are really tired. I think most people are really tired, so they simply want to sleep more. The majority of people do not want to wake up early because they have not met their desired amount of sleep.

When looking in the short term, this is simple to adjust, though many outside factors complicate the matter. The most important change to be made is to start sleeping earlier in the day, so that stopping sleep earlier makes sense and happens easily enough. Also, ensuring that enough sleep is obtained when considering the demands during the day. If an individual runs two marathons per day, that person may want or need more sleep than the person who sits at a desk doing monotonous paperwork at a slow pace.

In the long term, the habit itself can be better observed. Once in a pattern of being accustomed to waking at a certain time and getting an amount of sleep, it will be much easier for the body and mind to function well. If a flexible bedtime is permitted, it will allow the sleeper to experiment with how much sleep the body requests and a good time to start sleeping. This will improve over time.

This brings me to the second point, which is the experience. Over time, it becomes easy to wake at an accustomed time. Many people have trouble with waking at an earlier time, simply because they haven’t done it often enough. There are different solutions to this. One of which is going to bed early, so you will get enough rest and wake up early. The other is simply to do it. The brain tries to talk the body out of waking up earlier than usual, because it recognizes the difference in time. This period of time is called Sleeping Brain phase, and it is when your brain tries to fight you because it is earlier than it is normally awake. The brain must be ignored when it is this early, as it will fight to keep you sleeping very hard. Rely on the body, moving until your brain catches up and enjoys the morning.

As I enjoy day 8 this morning, my brain caught up much more quickly and was able to appreciate the early morning hours.

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