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No bookmarks, no hands, no book

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Though I have mentioned the nearly incredible wonder of audiobooks before, I feel the need to mention them again.

I had a subscription to, an audiobook company that produces phenomenally executed books that delight the ears. Many have a handful of voice actors, playing the parts of certain characters. Others are read by the author, or by a gifted speaker. The app for the iPad is great, an impressive interface and user-friendly. For those considering pledging themselves to Audible, I will reveal a few details. The cost is $15 per month, which includes access to some free audiobooks, member discounts, and 1 book credit per month. Essentially, a credit gives you any audiobook, though there are exceptions. After obtaining a book, you get to keep it indefinitely. If you’d like to try it out, they do have a free first-month trial.

Though it is a great company, I wanted to save a bit of money and decided to find audiobooks elsewhere. There are a few audiobook apps for the iPad, many of which have a good collection of books. The majority of free audiobooks are through, a volunteer-based website that produces good quality audiobooks. There is a slight difference in the quality of the readers at times, though not enough to she’d tears over. The most difficult difference is that these free audiobooks are usually a significantly smaller selection (though still quite large and includes great reads as well). Often, these free collections contain many classics, which are welcome, as I would like to read many of them.

Currently, I am “reading” The Brothers Karamazov, which makes a Russian novel slightly easier to get through, and most certainly faster for me. I should have tried Melville through audiobook, as I have been somewhere in the middle of Moby Dick for at least a year now. The wonderful thing about audiobooks is being able to read during other activities. Bored in church? Spend your time wisely by reading! Bow your head in “prayer,” and praise the wonder of the audiobook!

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