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My iPad,

Though I obtained you only around a year ago, I feel practically one with you. We share the same daily schedule, the same experiences. You know me better than any other and have been near me more than any other. Comforting, yet depressing.

Am I confined to this technological device? Is it a tragedy, or merely a phenomenon, commonly abused for playing trivial games? Sure, there is tragic potential, but I like to think it is largely used for the forces of good. It has helped me become more productive recently. This is what I tell myself, but is it true?

I have nearly run out my battery from full just in using my iPad today. This may seem excessive, but certain tasks use a good amount if battery, and they are usually the more productive ones. In today’s case, I was listening to an audiobook through my Bluetooth headphones. This can suck the battery as if an oyster out of its shell, and I listened to multiple chapters.

This isn’t to say I was not playing mindless games. I was and have gained absolutely nothing from playing them. I regret having spent the time on them. I enjoy games in theory. They are a great creative outlet, an art form in a unique medium, but they steal time and energy out from under me. I like games when other people play them. I would much rather be off hiking or eating or reading. I suppose in some cases I was doing these activities while playing games, but I still would rather not.

I could have hiked today. I could have done just about anything I wanted to do, something life-changing. Instead, I spent a good portion of the day playing games. This is not to say the day was wasted by any means. I have done great things today, and I still have a good amount of time to do more great things. However, I would enjoy life more and get more out if it if I were playing games less, especially when they are not with anyone with which I can relate.

As for the game in question, I will not reveal the name for fear of releasing its evils upon some innocent reader, but know that it has a malicious grip. I will be deleting it after this post and never thinking of it again.

Time to get moving.

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