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Recently, I posted out of frustration, as I found myself spending far too much time sitting in front of my iPad. This in itself is not such a bad thing, as many of my most productive and enjoyable hours involve my iPad. However, the time in question regarded certain evils known to many as “Games.”

There are many games to which I have been addicted over the past year. Some draw me in more than others. There is something about most games – the feeling of being productive, the allure of a straightforward reward system – that brings the player back frequently and for long durations. Certain games have crept onto my device over the years that are crafted in such a way, with subtle but fierce demands to play them.

The game that has occupied the most hours in the recent portion of my life is known by the alliterative and appetizing title: “Clash of Clans.” I have since deleted it, but the game was infecting my life. It threatened to occupy all hours of every day, so I rid myself of it.

The game resembles Age of Empires, in that the player builds an empire with which to defeat other empires. Clans may be formed with other empires and forces can become quite strong indeed. There is a campaign mode, but there are also endless opportunities to battle with other players’ empires online.

The game is pretty enjoyable and wouldn’t be so detrimental, except for the fact that the progress of the game is based upon how much time is put into it. For example, the player may upgrade his main building, but only with enough gold (which takes time to accumulate) and over time. The larger the upgrade or creation, the longer it takes. It starts out innocently enough, with brief creations and modest commitments, though this quickly transforms into hours and days dedicated to each upgrade, with the time in between spent plotting on how to quickly obtain enough resources. In short, it was simple enough to be appealing, yet complex enough to require too much attention.

I am fortunate to have rid myself from the game, and I will be cautious of similar threats in the future.

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