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I slept in my hammock again last night. It was wonderful.

This time around, it was around 15-20 degrees warmer, which helped a great deal. I did not need to dress as warm, and only had the foam pad and my 45 degree sleeping bag. Occasionally, a limb would get cold if it rested against the side of the hammock, without the comforting layer of foam in between.

I wore 2 pairs of medium thickness polyester socks, compression underwear, thermal pants, shorts, wool pants, a polyester long sleeved undershirt, a long sleeved thermal shirt, a winter cap, and a wool knit neck warmer (I used this as needed, around feet or hands if they got cold).

I woke a couple of times in the middle of the night, likely due to being a bit cold. Though it was not more than twice and only for short durations. Plus, I am in the city, so it is possible it was due to noise. I don’t think I sweat very much at all.

Once it hit the lowest, around 2am, I noticed I was a bit cold, especially in the upper body. I might have benefited from another layer.

As much as the foam pad helps with warmth, I can’t see myself taking it on a backpacking trip. It is way too bulky. And cutting it down for size isn’t an option, as it already seems just big enough to work. Perhaps I will just have to deal with it until I have something that works better. A self inflating pad might also be a pretty good option. Many people have suggested putting the pad inside the sleeping bag. I don’t know if it would work with my current pad, but it is worth trying.

I can see why an Underquilt would be perfect. I am curious how insulating and comfortable it would be, if it would easily be worth the extra investment for the convenience and ease of it. Making my own would be a fun project as well. Perhaps I can do this first, and if the result is practical but lacking warmth and beauty, I will buy one. Again, there is always the question of what temperature to buy, and what size. I think full size certainly, as I have already experienced uneven warmth and made little sense of it.

I need a setup that allows me to be versatile regarding temperature using minimal supplies. I think an Underquilt rated at a low temperature will help with that greatly.

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