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I think that wisdom is too often viewed as something mystical that can only be found through half-understood messages mumbled from an elderly individual directly at you. 

On the contrary, wisdom (to me) can be found anywhere and is infrequently found in the aforementioned scenario.  An example that I will share today is Avatar: The Last Airbender.  This is likely the greatest television show ever created and the only show of which I have watched every episode.   For those unfamiliar, the fictional world contains four tribes, one of which is the Fire Nation.  The Fire Nation chose to attack and attempt to dominate the other three, causing a great imbalance in the world.  The Avatar is the only individual in this fictional world who is able to dominate all four of the elements (Water, Earth, Fire, and Air), and as such is expected to save the world by restoring its balance.

The Avatar, in learning from a guru, is instructed: “You must gain balance within yourself before you can bring balance to the world.”  Yes, the irony is that the stereotypical situation of a “wisdom” moment is occurring in the show, but I was experiencing the wisdom outside of the show. 

Being a somewhat ambitious individual, I hope to affect the world in profound ways and make a difference with my life.  This show helped me to realize that in order to do this, I must first be comfortable with who I am and make sure that I am providing my self with everything I need.  One way I commonly become unbalanced is my lack of physical activity.  Especially when hours of studying and academics consume my days, it is difficult to find time to acknowledge the other aspects of myself.  I will in the near future attempt to focus on creating a balance within my life personally, and afterward extend that balance into my community and lives connected with mine.  The moral of the story is to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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  1. oh… good moral.


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