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One thing that has been deeply lacking in my life is the presence of music.  It used to be an immense presence in my life, something that almost defined me, but in the last few years, I have been busy with so much that we have had a falling out.  I have made a resolution to incorporate music back into my life in multiple ways.  It was taught alongside math and science in earlier times, and I believe it is equally important and necessary for growth and development. 

One way in which I have begun to incorporate music into my life is through the playing of instruments.  I have access to instruments, so I should learn to play them.  I recently obtained a temporary clarinet, and have only just begun to play.  The reading of music came back to me fairly easily, even though it has been a few years.  I have played mainly brass instruments in the past, and doodled a teensy bit on alto sax, but that is about the extent of my expertise.  The biggest thing that I can note after a full day of practice yesterday is that my mouth was spectacularly numb.  My lips felt limp.  However, I made a great deal of progress and was impressed how easy it was to pick up.  I am struggling with endurance (not surprisingly) and a bit with higher notes as well, but I hope to improve.  I am playing with a band, which is a great experience as well.  It is fun to play music by yourself, but I think much more rewarding to play with others.  I’m looking forward to progressing with this.

Also, I am trying to get more into bands and artists that I can explore and discuss with others.  I have found some interesting artists recently and plan to continue doing this in the future.  I definitely had some assistance from friends, as well as from pandora radio and lastfm.  I feel energized when experiencing music, and I can’t believe it was such a small presence in my life for such a length of time!

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