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It is more of a challenge attempting to find balance in a college atmosphere than one might first imagine.  Sure, there are many opportunities offered, but how different and unique are they from one another?  Are the opportunities providing information and insight into different aspects of life? 

I have come to the conclusion recently that my life is too focused on my mind, academics, and logic.  Sometimes I get caught up and forget to have a sense of humor.  Other times I forget to eat.  I realize that this is unhealthy, and even though I only have another month until my college life is over, I hope to find some sense of balance before then.  My social life has diminished because of my focus shift, and often when I do hang out with friends, it is to study together or write a paper together.  This is fine, but I long to spend time with other people just for the sake of doing so.

I have recently, as I mentioned earlier, started playing clarinet for a band on campus.  This has helped me experience a new community and part of my life.  However, I long for more.  I think with spring evolving, I will be able to spend more time outside, which will help.  I am working on a consistent physical movement/exercise program to help keep my body active too, rather than just my mind. 

It is difficult to thrive in an atmosphere for a long period of time that is so focused in on one aspect of life.  Even more so, I am strongly encouraged to take the majority of classes in one subject.  This gets redundant, but it also encourages me to only pay attention to that subject and nothing else, in order to fully succeed in all of those classes.  This is difficult, and it is something that I am looking at changing in my life.

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