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How easy it is to become distracted in life’s timeline, to play in the tides of the ocean that is the future. Why not enjoy the sandcastle we are making before time washes it away?

It seems everyone is set on making a career out of their lives. The goal might be to go to college to get a well-paying job, or to buy a house and tend it. I’ve never seen too much joy in that. Maybe the joy can be found in the cracks, the moments sandwiched in that lifestyle, but the life itself promises nothing. It was thinking in this manner, prompted by a friend, that allowed my realization that most every moment of life has the potential to be enjoyed as much as any other. Sipping a cup of Earl Grey can easily be just as much fun as on the summit of the tallest roller coaster. The amount that the moment is enjoyed depends entirely on the narrator.

I recently decided to reject the idea of aiming for a successful career in hopes of happiness and prosperity, though I will admit I was not often that attracted to it. I decided instead to really set my gaze into the near future, to see what it was I truly desired to do. People say, “do what you love,” yet I never took them seriously. Perhaps it was because I saw their own lives, their obligations, and saw that it did not seem enjoyable. This either meant that they were being hypocritical, or that their idea of an enjoyable life was entirely different. I know a guy who works in a bagel shop. The most he accomplishes, even with the regulars, is small talk, but he seems to thoroughly enjoy that. I might explode in a similar situation.

I decided to focus on what I truly enjoy at this point in my life, and that is camping. I will let my journey to the Appalachian Trail lead the way for the next year and a half, and see where it takes me. However, also having this epiphany helped me realize that this time focus can be reduced even more, to focus on events at a minuscule level. Each day, I can focus on the actual moment that is occurring. At some points, I can focus on the day as a whole to gain perspective, but it is much more enjoyable if I spend most of the day enjoying and engaging in exactly what I am doing.

That way, everything is fun. If it’s not, I’ll try to find a way to make it fun. When I’m focusing on a large scale, I imagine forcing myself to get through activities throughout the day to receive the benefit. My job used to be a stressful environment, where the only goal was the money I received two weeks later. Now, I enjoy the spontaneity of it, and just focus on enjoying it.

My morning routine is now dedicated to things I enjoy doing. It feels great to be doing a series of activities that I really enjoy. I wouldn’t want to spend my morning any other way.

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