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A different form of Connection

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Recently, I posted a picture relating to internet connection out in the wilderness. This has been a conflict of mine recently. I really enjoy being in the outdoors and enjoying the solitude and quiet. However, I also enjoy being connected to the Internet for various reasons.

A lot of what I do in my daily routine depends upon an Internet connection. Blogging, for one, and I like to know what I can about the news and the weather. I have friends that I keep in touch with regularly over the Internet, and others whom I learn from temporarily. It is a wealth of knowledge that can be accessed in many places.

However, there are areas where a break from this can be wonderful and welcomed. Out in the woods, for instance, it seems ideal to be without that constant connection. Yet I can’t help but feeling like a character from a novel called The Keep, where without an Internet connection, he feels a negative physical reaction, as if a part of him is ill. Granted, this is ridiculous, but I enjoy the comfort of my online routine.

Also, I have yet to decide if I will be actively blogging while on the Appalachian Trail. I think this could be especially useful and enjoyable for many people, including myself, especially if I limited my usage to primarily journaling, or if I only uploaded my journal every so often.

This weekend, I am at my grandmother’s cottage, which is far from any source of Internet. Luckily, my dad was able to use his phone as a mobile hotspot to provide a connection. Sure, it’s slow and takes many attempts to accomplish most tasks, but I am happy to have the serene solitude of nature and my connection to the outside world.

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