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As much as I enjoy my iPad and its many wonderful capabilities, I can hardly wait until the weather is warmer, so I may spend as much time as possible hanging from the trees and camping. It seems as if i has been years since I last went camping, and I am considering moving away just to find warmer weather. For those of you who have never experienced snow, I offer you an invitation to trade climates for a while.

One of the possibilities I had considered during my hike on the Appalachian Trail next year was to blog about the experience as it happened, daily if possible. As you may have guessed, there is seldom wi-fi on the trail, which leaves the challenge of being able to post it. I might be able to save up a few posts and post them every few days when I reach a town. Another possibility would be to have a data plan. (My current iPad does not have 3g accessibility, so I would either have to get a new device or use a Mi-fi card, or find some other solution.)

The extended use of technology on the trail can be frowned upon, but I would try to limit it to blogging only, and try to do it when I was alone. Even so, I don’t know if this would harshly impact the experience, being connected at all times. It is something I will be considering. Any input is appreciated.

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