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For those of you who think you are not artists, and there are a surprising lot of you out there, let me tell you something that will hopefully be both thought-provoking and intriguing to you, to perhaps make you reconsider. You are an artist.

We all are, in some form or another. Some of us may be better at the performing arts, while others of us will be better at creating art. However, the talent is secondary. The goal of art is usually not to be the best. It’s a form of expression and a really useful one. Most people neglect the artist in their lives, as if it is not as important as whatever else they do with their time. I am not trying to deflect blame; I am equally as guilty of this. Rather than try my hand at painting a picture, which I have only ever tried once, or learn how to play my guitar, I insist that it is more urgent that I clean my kitchen, or spend time relaxing. It is my opinion as of recently that art is the most beneficial activity in which to participate, if for no other reason than because it is so often neglected.

I recently found a TED talk on the subject, which fully supports the idea of being an artist. For everyone! For those of you unfamiliar with TED talks, they are essentially speeches given by extremely interesting people on extremely interesting topics. After watching one, I almost always come away with a new perspective on something.

I have recently (read: in the past 5 years) witnessed a lot of close friends insisting that they are not as artistic as I know them to be. Furthermore, they insist that their art is not as important as their schoolwork, career ambitions, or current preoccupations. This is ultimately frustrating, and I am certain that I have been doing it as well. I will no longer attempt to refute the artist in me. I will embrace him.

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