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Thinking about the Appalachian Trail recently has made me examine nearly every aspect of my current life and marvel at, for lack of a better term, the silliness of it all. Most things I am accustomed to doing are based on external concepts that hardly apply to me as an individual. I am slowly changing this to a different focus, but it still largely pervades my life at this time.

One thing that was predetermined by external forces was the entirety of my schedule. I would wake up at whatever hour gave me exactly enough time to arrive at my first obligation at an institution for that day, whether that be the college I attend or my workplace. I would stay there for a length of time, and usually because I had another obligation following soon after, I would be forced to drive a car in order to arrive on time. I generally get frustrated by this, both because there is little room for flexibility, and because the goal of each activity often doesn’t directly apply to me. The focus of a job is on the money the worker receives for it, while the focus of school is on the grade. I personally have no use for money or grades. They will not help me survive or even make me happier, but others require that I have them.

Although frustrating, I am trying to find ways in which to work around this. A big step for me was waking up at an early hour, for me, so I can enjoy my life before being rushed off to somewhere I should be. I am also working toward earning all of my money on my own time, rather than on a schedule with a paycheck. This will not only allow me to be more flexible, but it will pay better than my current rate, and it will likely be more rewarding work, where I can noticeably make a difference. I am partially there now, but I have to make some changes yet. My classes this semester are more flexible, and I have decided to abstain from attending certain days when I felt that I could benefit more outside of the class. This helps that my professors are very cool and appreciate me. Often, in a college, this is not the case. Hopefully, I will be able to continue in this direction and allow my schedule to be flexible, one that I choose fully.

In addition to time, I find so many possessions around me. I wonder exactly how many of them are necessary or even would be preferred if we took time to evaluate each object. I can see many just in the room in which I am sitting that have not been used in a significant amount of time, and many which provide no useful function to my life. Perhaps this is the backpacker in me, simply evaluating and deciding the use of objects based on weight, but I know I could cut out some of my possessions without even noticing.

For the next few days, I plan to watch myself throughout the day and see how I am spending my time, focusing n if the time is being used for my own benefit or not. I will also go through some of my junk to see if I may eradicate a portion.

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