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Clearing Your Environment

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A clear environment leads to a clear mind.

I am a large fan of keeping a clear and meaningful environment, as I think the resulting productivity and peace of mind will direct your life in a more enjoyable and meaningful method. Plus, it looks cool.

Your sleeping space is important as it should be an area of at least near-spiritual quality: a place where you can relax entirely, free from the loudness and mad pollution of the world. We spend a fairly enormous chunk of time sleeping, so whatever object we designate for this activity should, in reason, be comfortable. I have a foam pillow that I was able to obtain for $25 when it went on sale, and it has provided a significant amount if comfort when compared to the standard stuffed pillow that you grew up with. A close friend of mine also gave me a foam mattress topper, which increased the comfort tenfold. Many joke about how these would cause them to sleep in extra hours or never want to leave the comfort of their bed. I have found the opposite to be true. I feel better in the morning after a comfortable rest, and as a result am more willing to spring out of bed with a smile on. Though this still rarely happens.

I have adjusted my room to exist in different sections, each of which is largely symbolic of a piece of my life. Each section represents to me how I spend some of my time. My bed exists, as well as a meditation station, a book nook, and a writing.. hmm… desk. Not as catchy, but it is still as practical as the rest. I try to also have a space in my room to do yoga, though I do most yoga elsewhere. So far, it has encouraged me to partake in these activities more frequently. However, I am planning to clean it up and do a bit if reorganizing today, in hopes of slightly altering my focus in life.

I think cleanliness is the main thing. I could have the largest, most creative, most beautiful, and even most practical room in the world – with a full gym, Olympic size pool, bocce ball court, zoo, and.. writing desk – and it still would hardly be enjoyed or used if it was not clean and orderly. Also, it helps set the mood for the day. The first thing you see in the morning can have a profound effect on your day.

I plan to do the same reprogramming to my current vehicle, mostly in the way of cleaning. It is so filthy now that my main concern is one of many unidentified objects rolling underneath my brake pedal. That, and the difficulty of seeing through the dust on the interior side of the windows. Also, checking the fluids and condition of the car would be helpful.

This is my main focus today.

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