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Recently, I completed a paper and presentation for a class about Granville Redmond and his life as it relates to Charlie Chaplin. For clarification, Redmond is a Deaf painter, and Chaplin was an actor known for silent films. They became best of friends during their lives, and they understood one another in a significant way. I believe this connection exists among all people – though certain people connect better with certain others – and I relate well to their being artists, as those are people I connect well with.

A few years ago, I found myself experimenting with different mediums of art. I primarily stayed with music and theatre, but I varied in my instrument, what aspect of the play on which I worked, or the type of group with which I worked. As a result, I met artists of all different types and was fascinated by artists who shared so much in common, yet could provide so much for me to learn. These were my favorite people, as I connected easily, but they could keep me inspired, teaching me pieces of art that I had not experienced before.

This strong connection was readily available between Redmond and Chaplin. They were both intensely active artists, putting their art at the forefront of their lives. They both dealt in silent worlds, using their art for expression without words. They were able to learn from one another and experience the other’s realm of art, which helped each to grow stronger in his own medium.

This is, I believe, the greatest thing for an artist. If one had been too tunnel-visioned to interact with the other, their art would have been more stagnant, not finding the influence from the other. Artists from whatever medium connect well and often are able to learn a great deal from one another.

As a result of my chosen topic for the presentation, a fellow student and I got into a discussion about painting. She revealed herself as a painter, and she encouraged me to try my hand. Because of this new connection, I will soon find myself in an artistic realm outside of my comfort zone, which means I will be learning. The parallels between the art forms are incredible, and I choose to lead my life learning from artists along the way.

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  1. Cool, we agree Chaplin was truly an artist you don’t much come across these days!


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