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Finding interesting people is fairly easy to do, as they are all around you! I have recently been on a quest to expand my network of people to include interesting and resourceful individuals from which I can learn a great deal.

By considering what my greatest interests are, I have tried to seek out people who actively share those interests and learn from them, as well as teach them what I know. A mutual exchange with such a person will ideally benefit both in their growth and intended direction in life. When ignored, neither person will benefit. Finding people who share many interests has been exciting and rewarding, especially the more that we interact.

I have also found that this connection can in many instances be formed with complete strangers. The difficult part is finding the commonality from which you could learn. After that is found, the connection can be more meaningful and enjoyable.

This is true for people online as well as in the physical world. It can be equally as difficult to reach out and introduce yourself over the Internet as it can be in a coffee shop. If you see a possible connection, or something to be shared or learned, it is your obligation to introduce yourself to that person. It will make your life better. I am working on trying to introduce myself to bloggers who share many of my interests or goals, but it is a challenge to e,brace this new mindset. People are everywhere around us to help us, and we are here to help them. We just need to become better at it.

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