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Food is a huge part of everyone’s life, and it defines identity for many people.  It affects one’s life more than almost any other habit.  The food we eat directly impacts the rest of our lives.  I have been doing some research into different diets and ways of eating recently.  One diet I have come across is a raw food diet.  This diet has 75% of all food consumed being raw food, and having the temperature of food remain below 118 degrees Farenheit.  This diet receives a lot of criticism, and I don’t know if it is entirely right for me, but it is interesting to examine.  One aspect of the diet is the focus on enzymes.  Consuming raw food allows for a plentiful amount of enzymes, while cooking eliminates many of these enzymes.  The body can produce more, but it uses more energy.  Additionally, it is possible that there are only a set amount of enzymes that a body can produce.  One benefit advertised with a raw food diet is increased energy, which is something I would enjoy, as I sometimes feel fatigued or beat.

Although I likely wouldn’t let the raw food diet consume me entirely, I would take some pieces from this diet and change my current diet.  One thing I would like to do is eat consciously, especially as it impacts the environment and food system.  For example, to eat meat, as in a hamburger, often it comes from one of the top meat packaging companies.  These are mass-produced and include many chemicals.  If I eat a burger, it is almost always from a source that I know.  For example, my family eats beef from my uncle’s cows.  There are many less chemicals and diseases, as my uncle only owns less than ten cows at any given time.  He is able to care for them each properly.  There is a closer connection to the food, and I know it is far less toxic to my body.

It is possible I will never move to a fully vegetarian or raw food diet, as I enjoy certain meats in moderation.  A hamburger is wonderful, especially a tasty non-toxic hamburger who I knew as a cow.  I think it is important to eat consciously, to not support large industries who are mass-producing low quality food for the world.

If others are eating consciously, I respect their decisions as well.  If someone is eating with intention, even if it contradicts my views, I would accept that.  If someone was willingly putting chemicals and carcinogens in their body for a specific purpose, I would be alright with that.

My views on eating are still developing, and I may experiment a bit with a raw food diet to see if it is for me, or to move me closer to finding my intentional diet.

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