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I am continuing the process of interacting with people, and it is working well.  Especially staying in a certain community, I bump into people I know surprisingly often, and I am shocked by how many I know in my community.  One small regret I have is not introducing and socializing actively earlier on, as I would know more people and know more people better by now.  However, rather than feeling discouraged by that, I am focusing on the thrill of meeting new people and the success that I am currently having.

I am focusing on certain communities and groups of people as well to try to get more invested in activities associated with those groups.  For example, I am trying to become familiar with the people in my community who value and appreciate local and organic food, as this will help me to find out more about it and hopefully eat it as well.  Additionally, the people I have met through this idea are very interesting and friendly. 

In focusing on balance within myself, I have decided that goals are necessary.   Goals have always been an interest of mine, and has also been something of a struggle in the past.  I will approach my goals with different methods to experiment what works best in accomplishing these goals.  One concept that I am focusing on is getting other people involved.  Having other people participate will encourage both parties to stick with it.  Also, keeping others informed will help you feel obligated to follow through. 

Current goals I am working on are:

Exercise, Meditation, Getting enough water, Being involved in music, among other things.  I am working on writing out my goals, specifically, so that they are a physical entity rather than a vague concept.  Then I will work from there to make my goals my life.

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