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There are certain days when everything is consistently going right, and I am constantly doing meaningful things and running into people I know or meeting people with similar interests.  This is something I have recently come to think of as being in the right moment.  The term hints at a possibility of free will having having an effect on the future, but the focus is more on the individual’s mindset.

There is a book called The Celestine Prophecy that has always been of great interest to me.  It is fiction, and at times a bit silly, but it makes the reader think, which is the most crucial thing in reading.  In fact, I have likely thought more about this book than any other because of the concepts presented.  The first main concept presented is that seeming “coincidences” happen in our lives, and they are not coincidences, but rather our lives taking shape.

It is sometimes uncomfortable to talk about, but many find the idea of no coincidences interesting, if they don’t agree with it completely.  Many have experienced the feeling similar to finding the perfect reference for a job that they would enjoy, or meeting someone familiar in an unexpected place.  For me, I know if I am in the right moment because I am constantly in a good mood, and I continually run into people I know or situations that are interesting to me.

My latest example occurred yesterday.  I have a class on the fourth floor of a certain building.  Before I go to this class, I always use the restroom and fill up my water bottle.  Just when I began to head up the stairs, I decided to do these activities on the second floor, rather than the fourth.  I don’t really know why, perhaps my love of spontaneity, but it seemed like an attractive idea at the time.  On the second floor, before I made it to the restroom, I ran into two people I knew.  Both of these people were currently in separate classes but had left briefly to use the restroom.

It was a strange feeling and had me thinking about it quite a bit.  It made me feel that all human connection and interaction is important, and that even small decisions can impact our lives.  I don’t think being in the right moment always entails running into familiar people, but this has been a clear sign for me.


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