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I must begin my journey by acknowledging certain paradoxes that exist.  The most obvious of these being my main focus.  My quest I would consider spiritual, striving toward a sense of higher self, which implies peace of mind and a lack of business.  However, I shall strive to indulge in as many experiences as possible, to learn and to grow.  Though it may seem unreasonable to focus on both concepts, they can go together.  In finding myself, I will know which activities to pursue and which to pass over, and in doing these activities, I will better find myself.  Plus, not everything has a spiritual focus.  I gotta have fun too.

Another paradox that is placed before me is Armen Firman himself.  Though I refuted the concept of role models, what is Armie then?  I like to think of it in terms of certain Buddhist practices.  There are certain pictures or shapes used in Buddhism to carry forth a concept, but the ultimate goal is to shed the attachment to that image when it is no longer necessary.  At this time, it is helpful to have something concrete to emphasize my ideas, but once I grow past needing that, I will shed my relation to Armie.  It helps for now though.

Additionally, I don’t view him as a role model.  I don’t intend to be like him.  I don’t want to go have children and name them Armen.  He simply represents in my mind a strategy to explore my surroundings, and it’s a catchy, playful name. 

Along this quest, I often take myself too seriously, so I will try to remember to simply have fun with it, which may result is such symptoms as: spontaneity, irregular posting, and nonsense.  I apologize if any of these three become too severe.

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