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Let me take this opportunity to introduce the concept of this blog.  In an attempt to explore the world, I hope to experience it as much as possible.  This idea is the idea of what may be seen as the attitude of a Renaissance Man.  To explore the meaning of the blog title, I would like to start with some history, which is often a good place to begin.

Abbas Ibn Firnas is the name of such a man, a polymath, alive in the 9th century.  Participating in many of life’s occupations and experiences, he understood what it was like to live his life.  In glancing upon his life, one can appreciate his contributions and explorations in realms from physics to poetry, as well as his sense of adventure seen in his attempt at aviation. 

Armen Firman is a name associated with Firnas.  It is unknown whether or not he is an alias of Firnas’, or whether he was a mentor or inspiration to Firnas, another person.  This to me represents the mystery of Firnas’ personality, representing a probable sense of humor and side of spirituality, challenging the seemingly concrete walls of life.  Armen Firman is, to me, the mystery of life and all that resides within. 

Generally, I do not believe in role models.  I feel that looking up to a role model can be limiting, in the sense that I would only want to achieve as much as that individual, or want to achieve the exact same result or situation.  If I were to declare Frank Sinatra as my role model, I would subconsciously declare that I wanted to be a vocalist who was fairly well-known with tremendous sex appeal.  My likely course of action after this decision would be to research Frank’s life and find out how he arrived where he is, and I may try to imitate it.  This is not being genuine and more importantly will rarely achieve the same result. 

In a similar sense, I feel having role models limits the concept of discovery.  Part of my quest with Armen Firman is to discover the world, or as much of it as I am able.  Each individual must find out what works for them; there are no shortcuts or secrets. 

This is not to say that growth is inhibited by other people.  Social interaction is acceptable, I guess.  In fact, this is one of the largest realms I hope to explore!  This is such a vast cloud of knowledge that many refuse to acknowledge.  Many think that talking on an elevator could get one arrested, or that small talk must consist of a select few topics, including the general silliness that two strangers should talk in the first place.

I plan to set out on the world with Armen Firman as my guide to experience, to explore, to grow.  With this site, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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